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Please find a few of the questions that we are regularly asked. If you can’t find the answer to your question please feel free to contact us. We will be very happy to help you.

  • Can my existing roof be patched up or do I need a whole new covering or roof?
  • We can repair a roof according to your budget. We can patch roofs to repair small leaks and will always give you honest advice if we think there is more of an underlying problem.
  • How long should flat roofs last before they start leaking?
  • The felt on a flat roof should last for over twenty years. Firestone RubberCoverTM EPDM generally lasts longer than conventional felt roofs.
  • What maintenance is needed?
  • There should be no maintenance needed on a well-fitted flat roof.
  • What sort of guarantee do you offer?
  • We offer our own 10-year guarantee on felt roofs. We offer the 20-year manufacturer’s warranty on Firestone RubberCoverTM EPDM.

Where we work

We work within a 25-mile radius of Salisbury including Wilton, Amesbury, Romsey, Winchester, Bournemouth, Southampton, Andover, Blandford and Warminster.

How we help you

Flat roof repairs, renovation or construction for your extension, dormer window, porch, garage, carport, garden shed, balcony or any building large or small.